Burke Gets New Job and LA Times Endorses Her Replacement

Former Assemblymember Autumn Burke announced her resignation from the legislature half way into her term on January 31, 2022, with an effective date of February 1, 2022 (yes…that would be the next day).  The Los Angeles Sentinel stated “…her decision to put her ‘Family First’ has to not only be respected, but also applauded.  No one should question that decision.” Calpeek applauds anyone seeking a better work/life balance.  We also think the new job as Principal at Axiom Advisors might have had something to do with the sudden resignation. In a bit of a blow to Burk, who is supporting long-serving district office staffer and Mayor of Lawndale, Robert Pullen-Miles, the LA Times has endorsed Tina McKinnor for the 62nd Assembly District seat.  The LA Times also took the opportunity to chastise politicians who resign from their elected office early and “leave voters on the hook for costly, confusing special elections.”

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