SEIU 1000 Labor Pains: Richard Refers to Dick in Latest Video

In the “you can’t make this sh!t up” section of this week’s Calpeek, we have the unfortunate, yet entertaining, saga taking place at SEIU Local 1000, which represents 96,000 California public sector employees.  As reported by the Sacramento Bee, president Richard Louis Brown and a few supporters occupied the union’s office after the Local’s vice presidents voted to suspend Brown’s presidency based on allegations that include misspent union funds.  Bill Hall, the newly appointed Local board chair, then filed a restraining order against Brown.  What’s even more bizarre (yes, it’s possible) is that the language on the Local 1000 website regarding the restraining order, filed by a union official, refers to it as being “unwarranted, unethical and unjust.”

In May 2021, Brown beat out long-time Local 1000 leader Yvonne Walker in a surprising victory.  While it’s hard to confirm Brown’s support, there is a private Facebook Group (SEIU Members for RL Brown) which boasts 128 members.  Brown, who has been known for his unfiltered and controversial comments, released this live video on March 5th in which he discusses men’s genitalia (the politest way to describe its contents)…parents cover your children’s ears. (See Video Below)

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