Latest Peek

School Board Bans Critical Race Theory

As reported by the Riverside Press-Enterprise, the teaching of critical race theory was banned in Temecula Valley Unified schools

Kevin De Leon’s Holiday Blues

A holiday gift giveaway event hosted by De Leon, in Lincoln Heights, a fight between protesters and De Leon occurred.

Updated Job Application: U.S. Senate 2024

There is speculation about who’s in, who’s out, who’s running elsewhere…assuming Feinstein retires. Here are some details.

CA’s Fast-Food Fight Is On

Not so fast Jack! Yes, a Whopper of a fight we’ve been talking about is one step closer to taking place!

Paying for Wind

How much would you pay for off-shore wind? How about $757 million?

Assembly Dems Unveil Budget Priorities

The budget battles of 2023 are underway as Assembly Democrats announced on Wednesday their budget priorities.

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